QIs Propellent a manufacturer of heat exchangers ?
Propellent makes heat exchangers and replacement parts in our own facilities in Beijing and Anhui, giving us complete control of their design and execution.
QWhat are the advantages in buying your plates and gaskets? ?
Principally you will find that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, with the degree of specialisation involved. Also you will find that the quality is better, as well as generally being more economical. You will get an optimum return on your investment and a demonstrably superior performance.
QHow do you assure the quality of your products ?
Quality First. Propellent products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our facilities have been awarded necessary certifications, including ISO9000.
QWhat kinds of tests and inspections are performed on heat exchangers ?
We performed complete inspection and test required by the production codes, and also all our customers deem necessary for their applications: hydraulic test, penetrate examination, air-or helium-tightness test, etc.
QWhat are the lead times for your products ?
Depending on the stocks, Propellent keeps over 100,000pcs of plates and 300,000pcs of gaskets in stock. If there is no available stock, the lead time of gaskets would be 3~4 days while plates 7~10 days.
QWhat manufacturers are compatible with replacement parts manufactured by Propellent ?
Alfa Laval, APV, Gea Ecoflex, Tranter, SWEP, API (Schmidt Bretten), Sondex, Vicarb, Funke, Hisaka ect. Our catalog is keeping updating. Please contact us for the newest.
QWhat is the warranty of your heat exchangers and replacement parts ?
12 month warranty against manufacturing defects in all products.

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