Plate-and-block heat exchanger
Plate-and-block heat exchangers offer a large heat transfer surface with very compact design. They have been dimensioned to suit your application. The basic structure of a plate-and-block is shown below. The specific execution depends on the application. Plate-and-block heat exchangers are made from welded heat exchanger plates. The individual plates are welded together on two longitudinal sides and at the corners. This creates two pressure-resistantand separate chambers inside the unit. The resulting plate pack is bolted between four columns, four panels and top and bottom heat. Theresult is a compact plate heat exchanger with two circuits. 

 -Corrugated plate types ensure high efficiency
 -Different plate gap due to various plate pattern
 -Pressure up to 35bars
 -Temperature up to 350℃
 -Materials: stainless steel, SMO254, Alloy C276, nickel alloys, titanium

 -High efficiency
 -Compact size and easy to install
 -Best cleanable solution
 -Easy access on both media sides
 -Easy maintenance

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