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Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger, also known as gasketed plate heat exchanger or frame & plate heat exchanger, is the most efficient type of heat exchanger with its low cost, flexibility, easy maintenance, and high thermal performance. Core part of plate heat exchanger is a number of thin, corrugated plates which are compressed by means of tightening bolts between a fixed frame plate and a moveable frame plate. In this way, channels between the plates are created. One media goes through the even channels, while the other media goes through the odd channels. The arrangements of plates can be single or multi-pass, depending upon the applications.

Propellent heat exchanger can achieve the highest possible heat transfer coefficients with the lowest pressure drop which leads to smaller heat transfer area and smaller unit. The high degree of turbulence makes a longer free maintenance period.

 -High efficiency
   The press-formed plate provide high turbulence at relatively low Reynolds number, which makes high heat transfer coefficient. 
 -Compact size
   Because of the high heat transfer coefficient, size of plate heat exchanger is smaller than shell & tube heat exchanger in the same application. This feature provide cheaper and simple installation work.
 -Quick start-up
   Smaller holding volume makes quick start-up of the process.
 -Easy maintenance
   Plate heat exchanger can be easily opened for inspection and maintenance by loosening the bolts and nuts, and also easily reassembled.
 -Duty flexibility
   The unit is flexible by increasing/decreasing the number of the plates within the space.

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