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Wide channel plate heat exchanger
Propellent’s unique wide channel exchangers are specially suited for media containing fibres, solids, particles as well as for fluid with highly viscous which may block traditional plate heat exchangers. The wide channels of up to 12mm, the no metallic contact point plate pattern allow fibres and solids to easily pass through heat exchangers.

Available channel sizes for this model are:

  -Wide/Narrow 12mm/6mm
  -Wide/Wide 5mm/5mm


 -Recovery more heat, reduce your energy costs.
  Heat sources can be utilized that were previously seen as waste heat such as fermented mash cooler, molasses cooler ect,.
 -Maximize process uptime
  With Free Flow, service intervals are longer because fouling is minimized.
 -Lightweight, less space
  High thermal efficiency makes Free Flow very compact compared with shell & tube or spiral heat exchangers.
 -Expand with your plant

Typical Applications

 -Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical
  fermented mash, liquefied mash, starch milk, waste water 
  molasses, mixed juice, clarified juice, thin juice
 -Pulp and Paper
  waste water
 -Food and Beverage

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