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The principle of operation for Propellent rising film plate evaporator involves the use of a number of plates,with alternate product and heating channels. Product and heating media are transferred in counterflow in the plate evaporator through their relevant passages. Defined plate distances in conjunction with special plate shapes generate strong turbulence, resulting in optimum heat transfer efficiency. Intensive heat transfer causes the product to boil inside the plate evaporator while the vapor formed drives the residual liquid, as a rising film, moving up the plate. Residual liquid and vapors are separated in the downstream centrifugal separator. The wide inlet duct and the upward movement ensure optimum distribution over the total cross-section of the heat exchanger.

Plate Evaporator Features:                                                                                                                               
 -High heat transfer efficiency, strong evaporation
  Special designed plates provide high turbulence at relatively low Reynolds number, which makes high heat transfer coefficient.
 -Low residence time
  The rapid movement of the thin film is the key to producing low residence time w as well as superior HTC’s,which is also very important for heat sensitive product. 
 -Compact size, convenient operation
  Because of the high heat transfer coefficient, size of plate type heat exchanger is small. The small overall height makes convenient operation and easy observation. 
 -Small thermal loss
  Compact size makes small surface area which leads to small thermal loss. No need of thermal isolate.
 -Easy maintenance
  The whole system is using plate heat exchangers, like plate type evaporator, plate type condenser and plate heat exchanger. They can be easily opened for inspection and maintenance by loosening the bolts and nuts, and also easily reassembled.
 -Flexible evaporation rate
  As surface area can easily be added or removed, evaporation rate can be easily adjusted.
 -Low investment
  Low metal consumption, compact size, low pressure resistance, small cooling water flow make low investment.

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