Wide gap plate heat exchangers used in printing and dyeing waster water recovery

Time: 2017-10-16  Source: Robin

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in printing and dyeing industry, because of its high heat recovery efficiency. The efficiency is over 80% even temperature of the waste water is about 50℃. But the wastewater contains many solids and fibers which will easily be absorbed on the surface of plates. The traditional plate heat exchanger’s efficiency goes down significantly or even is blocked. Propellent’s wide gap heat exchangers solved the problems. The gap between plates can be over 11mm and no metal contact point. The solids and fibers can easily pass the channels with high turbulence. It has been successfully used in many printing and dyeing enterprise.

According to one of our customer’s operation situation, the outlet temp. of cold water can be 80℃ and the efficiency is over 90%. Each heat exchanger can save 0.53t steam which means 1800RMB/d. There are 4 units of our wide gap heat exchangers. The investment recovery period is 4months.

                                                                   Multi-stage Wide Gap Plate Heat Exchanger used in printing and dyeing waste water heat recovery

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